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Electric Shaver is known for the high quality close shaving and unblemished skin. The fine shaving can be done within no time and that has been the USP for the shavers. However, there are many added features

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Sony seems to follow a new trend; releasing a Smartphone in every six months. Sony’s flagship Xperia series has been received cordially by consumers. The success led Sony to keep expanding its Xperia series. Sony has so

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There are more Windows Fans than the Apple fans on the planet Earth. After all, this is the only planet where Microsoft Releases new Windows Operating System every 3 years. Microsoft fans are always trying to dig

OnePlus 4 To be Launched in Mid-2017 with Ceramic Body?

The Chinese smartphone making brands have made some considerable progress over the last few years in setting themselves up as formidable forces in the world of technology which is primarily dominated by the likes of Apple and