Common Questions about Simply Fit Board

If you are looking for a useful and cheap exercise tool to make your workout more fun and engaging then try out the Simply Fit Board. After being advertised on As Seen On TV, the popularity of this simply designed yet highly effective fitness tool has increased in leaps and bounds. No wonder, the stores are selling the product like hot cakes.


Although the fitness tool has been clearly explained in the commercial and the product also comes with a DVD that contains complete information on how to use the tool, people still have many questions about it. In this article, we have answered some of the most common questions associated with the product to cut the confusion and make it easier for you make your purchase decision.

 Which type of flooring is best to use the Simply Fit Board?

Whether you are working out at the in-house gym or in your bedroom, we suggest that you use it on the carpet. The best option would be to use it on a small and perfectly woven rug that has a good rubber back to create friction on the hardwood floor. This not only helps you get a better balance but also protects the board and your flooring from any signs of wears.

Why does my fitness board move around on the floor?

As you start using the Simply Fit Board, you will see that the fitness board tends to completely move around the floor however this will soon get worked out. The reason behind this is that you are slightly off the balance and it will take you sometime to achieve a good body balance. It could be because you are leaning forward or to either side of the board.  This usually stops after using the board for a week or two after you get a hang of it. To get it right try to focus on one spot to your front, also ensure that you keep your head up and back straight.

How can I get a proper balance with the board?

When you are using the board for the first time, try to set support from a table or chair. Balance is one thing that can be easily lost and it is also one of the fastest things to regain as your muscles stabilize. To improve your balance and core leg strength, you need to stand on the board and move back and forth, from side to side.

Should this movement include twisting of the waist of legs?

Yes, your legs and waist must twist as you move however your knee joints should remain at one place. The best method to get a good balance is to hold your two hand weights by your side and swing both the arms in the way of a semi-circle. Bend your knees slightly as you do this. Let the board make its movement naturally as you keep twisting from side to side. You must ensure that you keep your abs and core muscles tight as you do the twist.

We hope the above mentioned questions about Simply Fit Board helps you understand and use the product better. check out our detail review here.