FIfa 17 features, release date, price and rumors

Fifa 17 is going to be more like an upgrade to the earlier version and unlike Fifa 16; Fifa 17 is expected to have developed at a faster speed when compared to the two years taken for the former. The Fifa 16 had seen a change in the entire core of the game and hence its development was a time consuming process. However, as far as Fifa 17 is concerned, it would be more of an upgraded version to the Fifa 16!


Fifa 17 Features

Though we are not expecting any major change in the very core of the game, some upgradations and changes are quite the thing in Fifa 17. We are expecting quite a lot from the game and some of them include additions like a Scenario mode and story mode or addition along with some addition into the career mode. Other changes include display of statistics and some awards by the end of the series.

Career mode remains the focal point of the game; however, some tweaks here and there will only help the game reach a different level.
Scenario mode involves starting off the game at a certain place which could possibly be taken from an already existing instance from the past.
Story mode is nothing but a way by which the users will remain glued to the game and this in turn will be one huge USP for the game.
Statistics involves displaying the data which includes all the necessary details from the players.
A small award ceremony would surely add up to the entire look and feel of the game! It is always these little things which make the game fun and of course keep the users stuck on it.

Fifa 17 Release Date

The game is likely to hit the market in the month of September. The release date is yet to be fixed but going by the previous dates, we are likely to see the demo version of the game by the first week of September and the full version in the third week of the same month. The game has been in development stage since a long time, it is only now that we came to know of it. Quite expected news this was! A confirmation would surely put a smile on many faces!

Fifa 17 Price

Well, going by what has always been, we can estimate the price for the game to be $69 and $79 for the basic and deluxe version respectively. Though we are yet to be sure of any such news and these are just assumptions, the prices are likely to revolve around this range only.


We shall see the game sometime soon this month and get to hear of official news too. Until we see the game, Fifa 16 shall be our companion. The game is quite likely to be a combination of the above features and various other predictions that users have from it. The game is likely to enhance the entire playing experience for the users keeping in mind all the wishes of the users! you will find other game like EA Sports Cricket 2017 highly compressed game.