Galaxy Note 4 Release Date, Specs, Display, Software and Rumors

One of the most anticipated devices of 2014 is Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 will be a Phablet; a hybrid of Smartphone and Tablet. As we are gradually approaching to the release of the device, new rumors are coming in and old rumors are either getting renewed or cancelled. To get an idea of how the device will be like and what features we could expect in it, it’s necessary to give a look at the current rumors.


The key features that Galaxy Note 4 is reported to showcase are Smart Fingerprint, Multi-Network Booster, Aqua Capture and Swipe to Motion Launcher. We’ll discuss those features in this article. However, we have limited resources as none of these features has been confirmed by Apple; our main sources of reference are the ongoing rumors in the industry.

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Let’s start with the

Smart fingerprint

The Smart Fingerprint is for easing the fingerprint sensor’s functionality. To activate the sensor, one would have to swipe his finger over the screen. Most Smartphone manufacturing companies are focussing on this part and delivering users more control by customizing the whole swiping process. Samsung too had done this in the past with its flagship Galaxy S5. S5 users can perform a lot of activities just by swiping fingers. Paying or receiving money on PayPal is one of them. Note 4 may sport more advanced features with its fingerprint sensor.

Aqua capture

Galaxy S4 Active was released with Aqua Mode. The feature made it possible for users to take photo underwater. Experts believe Aqua Capture would be similar to Aqua Mode. LG G3 is a water and dust resistant phone and users seem to be loving it. In fact Samsung S5 also has water resistance feature. So Aqua Capture isn’t surprising.

Swipe to launch motion launcher

This feature could be somewhat similar to Motion Launch of HTC One M8. It could allow users to turn the camera on just by swiping over the screen while the display of the phone stays off. Users would be able to take snaps quickly or operate other apps without having to wait for the display to turn on. As HTC has already introduced its own brand of motion launch, the pressure would be on Samsung to showcase something new. So it won’t be surprising if Swipe to launch motion launcher packs extra features.

Multi network booster

Galaxy S5 has a feature called Download Booster. It’s a very useful spec for all who send or receive data through their handsets and expect the speed to be at par with regular desktop connection. As per talks, Multi network booster would be similar to S5’s Download Booster. The feature is said to combine mobile data connection with Wi-Fi.

Release date of Galaxy Note 4

Samsung hasn’t given us any hint of when the device could be released. Some believe Note 4 could be released in the first week of September. Galaxy Note 3 was introduced September 4 of last year. Samsung may follow this tradition and unveil Note 4 on 3rd or 4th of September.

Samsung normally schedules the release of Galaxy Note in line with Apple’s iOS Smartphone release. This year, the beta version of iOS 8 is already out. The full version is slated to be released in fall this year. Thus, early September release of Galaxy Note 4 sounds convincing.

There’s yet another reason to believe that Samsung is planning to release Note 4 in September. The IFA 2014 will take place on September 5, 2014. If Samsung’s track records are followed, the IFA podium has been the launching platform for last three installments in the Galaxy Note series. There’s no reason for Samsung to not follow this tradition in 2014. So, Note 4 could be announced at or slightly before the IFA Berlin event.

Look & feel

Note 4 may have a strikingly new display this time. Talks are going on that Samsung will apply a whole new three sided bent display in Note 4. However, Samsung never admitted that it is working on such a design. So the three sided bent display could just be a rumor. But Samsung has plenty of other designs as its brainchilds. One of them is to protect water and dust. Changes in the form factor is very much likely. The faux plastic form factor of the dimensions of Note 3 could be changed and we may get to see an overhaul in Note 4.

Better display

Rumors suggest Galaxy Note 4 will come with QHD display. LG G3 is being considered better than Galaxy S5 because of Quad HD display. To give LG a tough fight, Samsung is likely to equip Note 4 with QHD display of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The handset therefore will render extremely high resolution display. Users would enjoy high quality digital content on Note 4.

As for the size of the device, it might have a screen that is more than 5.5 inch. There’s a reason to speculate this. Apple is up for releasing 5.5 inch (rumored) iPhone 6. G3 by LG has 5.7 inch screen. It’s quite obvious Note 4 wouldn’t want to lag behind. Some even claimed Note 4 will have 5.9 inch screen. So in all likelihood, Note 4 will be massively huge device.

Gear 3 smartwatch

Unnamed sources suggest Galaxy Note 4 may come with Gear 3 smartwatch. The news was reported in Korean Herald. “Samsung is working on the next generation of the Samsung Gear 2, and it will be sold in a bundle package with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.” The source briefed. Gear 2 and Gear 2 neo smart watches have performed fairly. We need to see if Gear 3 repeats the success saga.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB RAM will be two other of Note 4’s notable specs. The handset is rumored to have a 20MP rear camera. Interestingly, no tech circuit is highlighting on the capacity of Note 4’s back camera. If it really launches with a 20MP camera, users will hordes of reasons to buy the device.

Android version

It’s not yet know which Android version Note 4 will sport. Note 2 is currently getting Android 4.4.3 update while Moto G is also getting the same update. But at the time of Note 4’s release, Android 4.4.3 will be tried and tested. That’s why, some sources held Note 4 will have Android 4.5 Lollipop. The OS is said to be comparable to iOS 8. As Samsung wants Note 4 to take on iPhone 6, it’s not surprising for Note 4 to release with Android 4.5.

We still have unresolved doubts and unanswered questions. In the absence of solid news, the rumor mill is in the workplace. Hopefully, we’ll get some info as we proceed to September.