Galaxy S6 High End Phone On Its Way For Launch: February 2015?

Samsung is about to release its next galaxy series in the first quarter of 2015. All are waiting for the launch of Samsung next series as according to the blogs, it is going to be a great phone in 2015. There are no official announcements from the representatives of the Korean company. There are plenty of good specifications and features according to the rumors making Galaxy S6 phone highly popular before its release. If you really want to have something cool in your pocket then you will have to wait a bit longer.


It is also being said that the release date set is not going to be beneficial for the company. There are some popular Smartphone players on the market who are about to release their flagships before Samsung. This might change the mind of the customers and they can turn to other phone as well. Google launched its previous series galaxy S5 in the beginning of this year and according to the pattern of the launch it is quite obvious to release the next series in the first quarter of 2015.

One great feature this phone will have is the features of both phone and laptop at the sometime. According to the latest gossip, the design of the Smartphone is going to supple and interesting, might be different from the prior launches. There is a bundance of rumors going on, some may be true and some totally crap. There are some cool features but they are not officially announced yet. There is abundance of stimulating features which we can anticipate from the Galaxy S6 such as a better design of the body.

The previous galaxy S series was a huge hit in the Smartphone world, but devices were missing quality feel. Users can expect first-class feel and metal framework with the upcoming phone. The Galaxy S6 will have 2K display, 64-bit processor and huge battery. Almost each and single feature is predictable to be exceptional. But for all this you will have to wait till the first quarter of the 2015. The other features includes According to the rumors and leaks this phone is going to have 18 MP camera

Android Milkshake, Better screen with resistant capabilities, 4GB RAM, 6.7 thickness of the handset Octa processor and much more. These are some of the specifications which make this phone a high end phone. It is also being said that the phone will have flexible and unique design. The cost of the price is not yet out, but it is going to be an expensive phone.

Competition All Around

Competitors are also on their way of manufacturing better devices, each day and it is specific that Korean company doesn’t want to lag behind. Thus, the company has implemented some of the best features and specifications to make sure that the phone and tablet Galaxy Note 5 is going to rock in the Smartphone world. There are other competitors, some with better specifications some with little bit low. Now the time will decide how much loyal are the Samsung fans.