How to: Delete Picasa web Album or Google Photo from Android Gallery

Every Android user has suffered a problem during some period of their Android usage time. Right after signing in with a Google ID, the device syncs everything that belongs to that username. If there are some photos online through Picasa using the same Google ID, then these files get synced to the device as well. Even worse; if there’s a ‘blogger’ account, then the graphical contents might get synced to all devices where the Google ID is used. They are then shown inside the Gallery. Often times, when you are looking for photos captured with your camera or some other saved files; you have to scroll a long way just because these unnecessary files got synced to your device.

How to Turn off an Android Phone Remotely

Using a few easy tricks, it is possible to stop the sync. Then just deleting the photos will make them disappear from the gallery as well. If however, you need any of them, you might want to copy them to some other folder for easier access later.

How to Disable the Sync

To make the Picasa photos disappeared from your Gallery, the first required step is to stop the device from being synced. If this option isn’t unchecked in the first place, then the photos will keep coming back no matter how many times they are deleted.

However, head toward the device’s settings app. Inside system settings, find ‘Sync Settings’ and then tap the corresponding Google account the devices is logged in with. You will be presented with a whole lot of check marks. These checks determine whether to sync a specific lot of contents, or not. Scroll down and you will find options to sync Google Photos, Picasa Web Albums etc. There are syncing options for backup, music etc. as well but they aren’t our concern for this moment.

Disable Picasa web album sync

Uncheck the boxes beside Picasa Web Albums. Doing this step successfully will make your device stop syncing the Picasa Web Albums from your Google account.

This is the end of stopping the syncing process. If you head to the gallery, you will still find the photos. To delete these photos from the Gallery, here’s what you have to:

How to delete the Picasa Web Album photos:

Again, open phone settings, and then click on Apps. All apps installed on your device will be shown in a listed form. Scroll down and find gallery and then tap on it.

The next screen shows three different options to force stop the Gallery app, disable the app and to clear all data of the app. The last option comes useful for the purpose we are willing to do.

Click “Clear Data” to force the Gallery to refresh

Tap on ‘Clear Data’; a warning screen will ask you if you are sure. However, if you have other photos in your Gallery, you will lose them all! READ this again, you will lose all files in your gallery. This contains other photos or videos that you might have captured using your device.

After you tap ‘Ok’ on the warning screen, you are done. The Picasa photos will not be shown anymore in your Gallery.

This should solve the problem, for further queries feel free to ask.