How to Upload Videos to YouTube Directly from Android Smartphone

When it comes to sharing the moments with your friends and family, there’re innumerable ways to share it now-a-days. There’re amazing social media sites that offers sharing your pictures and updates right away just from your smartphone. If you’re using an Android smartphone, you’re pretty lucky. Android PlayStore is enriched with amazing softwares that are capable of sharing the moments you capture with lots of different apps. Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter etc. are all great apps which offer this functionality that’s pretty easy to use. But, what about videos and YouTube? How can you upload your videos right away from your smartphone without having to do it from your PC? Well, we’re going to discuss it today.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube Directly from Android Smartphone

Step-by-step Processor to Upload Videos to YouTube

Here we’ll represent the step by step process. But, be careful to follow each of the steps as we discuss. If you’re totally new Android user, stick to our detailed guide described here.

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi. Your video is going to take on a lot of your Data while uploading. That’s why you require doing this through the Wi-Fi connection. If you’ve unlimited Data usage, then you can rely on your 3G connection as well.
  2. Now, locate your video. Go to “Gallery” or “Album” depending on which manufacture’s smartphone you use. Tap the video to open it.
  3. Play the video to ensure that this is the one you’re going to upload to YouTube.
  4. Tap on the Share button now. It’s in the top right corner with 3 dots connected with each other. Tap on the icon to reveal through which you can select the apps you’re going to share the video. Since you’re going to upload it to YouTube. Tap on YouTube. If you’re not seeing YouTube, click on see all. In case you don’t have YouTube installed, install it from PlayStore.
  5. You’ll be given a description to fill with. Fill all the details like what should the title be, put the tags, plus, whether it should be made public or private.
  6. After you’ve made all the necessary changes, tap on Upload. Wait for a few minutes since the uploading process will take time depending on the size and your data (or Wifi) speed.
  7. To see whether you’ve successfully uploaded the video, open your YouTube app and choose My Channel to view your files on the uploaded list.

In another way, you can upload the video. But, this is inconvenient and can take time as well. You can open your smartphone’s browser and login to your YouTube account. Click the upload button from there and select the video from your file manager. Errors can occur in this regard, but, you can follow this way as well. It’s just like doing it on your PC.

There you go. You can successfully upload the videos right from your Android smartphone. You no longer require PC in order to do these kinds of things. Notify us if you can any problem.