iOS 11 Dark Mode: Follow These Easy Steps For A Smooth Experience

Of the many features which have been incorporated in the upcoming iOS 11, there is one unique aspect which is sure to succeed both critically as well as commercially. This is the new iOS 11 dark mode. The dark mode, or night mode, as it is sometimes known, is the ability to get the brighter areas into comparatively darker areas in places where the very bright display might be a hindrance. Therefore, if you enable the dark mode on iOS 11, you will easily be able to use your devices even in the darkest of theaters.

iOS 11 Dark Mode: Why use it?

The dark mode of iOS 11 is critical. First of all, it helps save your eyes. Imagine sitting in a darkened room, and suddenly a super-bright display comes to life. You will automatically blink, and then your eyes will draw shut. The dark mode will prevent this. In addition, it will help save your device’s battery. The display aspect of any device will automatically draw more juice from the battery. Lastly, in the previous iOS 10, there was a pseudo-dark mode which inverted the colors. Blue became magenta and so on. Technically, this is the first time that Apple has introduced the dark mode for iOS.

iOS 11 Dark Mode: Steps to activate it

Note that Apple does not use the term ‘dark mode.’ Instead, it calls it the ‘Smart Invert’ feature. It also builds upon the pre-existing Invert Colors feature which provides what can be called a true dark or night mode. This new dark mode also incorporates some additional features and brings into purview the images, media, and certain apps.

Step 1.Navigate to Settings. Then tap on General.

Step 2: Now tap on accessibility.

Step 3: You must now tap on display accommodation.

Step 4: Lastly, tap on Invert Colors.

Step 5: Here, there are two options which you will face. One of them is called Smart Invert while another is called Classic Invert. The classic invert feature, as we mentioned before, has been on the iOS platform for some time now. It does not resemble the dark or night mode. Hence, you must now choose the Smart Invert feature, which has been newly introduced and carries a lot of extra features as well.

Step 6: Finally, you must toggle the switch next to the Smart Invert feature. This will help you achieve the iOS 11 dark mode feature in all its glory. You are now done. On a different note, the dark mode on iOS 11 is much better than the one we find on the Android platforms.

Wrap Up

In parting, we suggest that you follow this iOS 11 dark mode guide very carefully. In case you deviate from it, your device may end up getting damaged or corrupted. So, you must be very careful and do not hesitate to contact us if you feel the need to.

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