iOS 11 Slated To Make An Appearance At WWDC 2017

Tech giants Apple have been the company which has significantly moved forward in leaps and bounds pertaining to the various technological advancements which are being rolled out by the day. With a huge repertoire of devices lined up for a 2017 release, there is no telling what Apple might feature next in their attempt to build a completely revolutionized technology driven world. Most of Apple’s handheld devices or wearables of today sport the latest specifications which have remained un beaten in the market so far and the US firm is slated to continue this good run in the market in the subsequent years as well.

Apple has consistently updated their device OS software, the iOS versions quite frequently with each new update bringing in very significant tweaks for users and the latest iteration of the iOS is almost upon us as Apple is looking to take the covers of it sometime later this year. Tech enthusiasts have been working every hard trying to pinpoint to a possible iOS 11 release date but that is easier said than done. Everyone is aware of the simple fact that the American tech concern has a very strict privacy policy when it comes to upcoming devices, but in spite of that, some features of the iOS 11 have already surfaced online. Starting from the iOS 4 to the iOS 8, all the software versions were launched at the WWDC conference in June. But from the iOS 9, Apple changed things up a bit by announcing the OS in June but rolling it out at the iPhone launch event in September. The Tim Cook led firm is striving to do the same thing this year as well and there is no doubt in the fact that the WWDC event in June will see something pertaining to Apple’s own device OS.


Here are some main features of iOS 11:

  • iOS 11 will have a much smarter and optimal Siri which will feature text command instructions as well along with the functionality of the AI assistant being available for functioning of third party non Apple rights like Whatsapp and WeChat using voice instructions.
  • iOS 11 will sport an improved map application as per Apple’s plans of flying drones in order o capture street scenes prior to uploading them on the database of Apple maps.
  • The iOS 11 is also pegged to make an appearance with a special Power Doze mode which is slated to optimize battery performance on a whole new level. With the advent of 4G internet and the high end applications, smartphone batteries do have a huge toll taken on the, The Power Doze button will reportedly reduce screen times and automatically closed none used applications using Siri’s smart Ai priority feature.
  • Dark mode was yet another striking feature of the iOS 10 and the same thing is again a huge coveted spec in the iOS 11. The new iteration is expected to bring in an improved Dark mode for further dimly lit areas.