LG G4: Features and Specifications with Release Date

Without worth nothing can remain in limelight. The same with LG G4 as it has all quality to be in limelight. People talk about its every minute description so we can consider that LG G4 has something very big to offer. It will be the very big launch of 2015.


We are hoping the same at the time of release of other brand name in the world of gadget. The queue of releases like LG G5, Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and many more.

People are going with the same pattern before the release there is rumor. I have also discovered some stuff of LG G4 and it is tough to measure the volume of rumor and reality.

LG is more interested to make us wait for its device and Samsung will be ahead in the race of releases. As far as we are about to get best than we should have little more patience.

The release of LG G4 is more exciting factor among people so without wasting time I am focusing on its release before features and specification.

The Release Date

Till the release of LG G4 we cannot provide any confirm information about the device. Even for its release time. As per the previous release of LG G3 (end of May 2014) we can predict that May will be the launch month for the release of LG G4. But according to the Korea Times the new flagship we can see in the market in April.

The rival company Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is likely to come in early March at Mobile World Congress. So the release of LG G4 in April will give good competition. There will be more spice in the market with two releases with the respective company. If there will be release in May of LG G4 then whole attention will go by the side of Galaxy S6.

Now take some information about features and specifications


  • The pleasing thing about this device is that it carries eye sensing technology and the feature of Retina eyes canner with Iris is remarkable as well.
  • The underwater images with the camera with 20.7 front facing camera with the optical image stabilization. The phone contains waterproof feature therefore, your device is safe in this aspect.
  • The features of shockproof sensor and dustproof display will give you protection like never before.

Now expand your visibility for the LG G4 specs.

  • The presence of Dual LED with auto-focus and the optical image stabilization is noticeable factor.
  • The front camera will give definition for the users as it has 5 MP camera with the rear camera which is 20.7 MP.
  • It carries 32 GB and the 64 GB memory, which can be expanded upto 128 GB.
  • LG G4 lies Quad core Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 processor at 2.7 GHz.
  • The Sapphire UHD screen display along with the 3840*2160 screen resolution will be great.
  • The wide range of colors is available like white, gold, red, black and violet.
  • Its video is 4k @ fps.
  • The operating system of Android 5.0 which is amazingly good.
  • The battery backup is so durable 4000 mAh and it will not drain before use.
  • The 4 GB RAM memory will provide you nice and more than your use storage.