Playstation 5 vs Xbox Project Scorpio

In the next couple of years we are on the verge of witnessing a very specific rivalry in the world of gaming consoles and quite predictable, tech giants Microsoft and Sony will be pitted against each other courtesy the launches of their latest next-generation high-end consoles. Yes, the 2019-2020 viscal year is very well slated to witness a gaming console face off between Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio touted to be also called the Xbox 2 and the Sony Playstation 5.

The two tech powerhouses in the gaming industry have recently rolled out premium variants of their existing consoles which are the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4 Pro. Now how exactly can the upcoming consoles compare with each other? Considering the fact that there are still no base details to go on? Well there are some striking points which have led to a conflict between the companies.

Ever since Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, many have it in their minds that 6-teraflops of GPU power is enough to deliver games in true 4K, but Mark Cerny, lead system architect at Sony, said in an interview with Japanese website AV Tech, reported by WCCF Tech, that 8-teraflops of GPU power is the least needed for games to run at 4K (i.e. Playstaion 5 ). This could definitely have been a shot at Microsoft stating that their 6 teraflop GPU for the Xbox 2 might well be inadequate to predominantly run 4K games.

Xbox President Phil Spencer took the stage in the final moments of the E3 2016 Microsoft press conference and announced that they were working on a new console. Not just any console either, he promised it would be “the most powerful console ever built.” Yes and by power he meant power. Another quite significant piece of information is one surrounding the two companies having tie-ups with specific chipset manufacturers for their upcoming consoles. Sony have been in frequent talks with AMD now while NVIDIA was preferred by Microsoft for their graphics chipsets and now it seems that both the graphics card companies will be rolling out specific graphics chipsets for the upcoming consoles.

One specific concern which has been the talking point of almost all gaming enthusiasts lying in wait is as to when even one of these devices will be available commercially in the market. A significant ask at that, the truth is that nobody knows. Some theories suggested at the fact that Sony released the Playstation 4 Pro in order to rake in sales before the Xbox Scorpio is launched but then there is no sign of the console of Xbox as of yet. Our best bet can be of the fact that the two gaming beasts will be rolled out by their respective companies in a couple of years time, while the new premium variants if their existing consoles given some time to sink in to the market.