Rumors on HTC One M9 Specs and Release Date Got Fueled by a New Purported Image

Flagship devices have started to signify a whole new trend in the industry. Almost all Android device makers are running behind it. The trend is this; the launch of one flagship device will be followed by another after a certain time gap and the third installment will soon catch up with the second; and this is how it’ll keep going on.

Are two back-to-back installments worlds apart in theme, design, specs or UI?

Not at all.

As a matter of fact in most cases the successor is a mere replica of the predecessor. Strangely enough, this game of iteration hasn’t annoyed users yet as most flagship devices are still being sold in market in high volumes.

Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung are all into this. The latest addition to this list is HTC. The Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer released its flagship M8 in the first quarter of this year; it has been almost eight months from then and rumors in the industry have already started floating that HTC will launch M9 in the beginning of 2015.

M9 will be a follow up of M8.

What can we expect from M9? Will the upcoming phone simply copy the features of M8 or have some specs of its own? All these questions are sure to pop up in your head. Be patient because in this article we’ll delve deeper into the ongoing rumors and anticipate what M9 might put on the table. We’ll also consider the features of M8 and speculate how different M9’s features might be.

Bear with us as it may lead to a lengthy discussion.

The first thing to discuss is;

Design of HTC One M9

HTC One M9 concept design

We were in complete dark about M9’s design even just couple of days back. But not anymore. Thanks to a purported image, we now have some ideas on how M9 will look. If the image is to believe, the upcoming HTC One M phone will have an ultra sleek metallic back. It should be mentioned here M8 was 95% metal compared to M7 which had 75% metal.

M8 arrived with a number of color options. This has satiated the fancy design lovers. The original version featured silvery aluminium color. HTC invented a peculiar name to describe its color; Glacial Silver. The purported image shows HTC took the Glacial Silver color to the next level in M9 as M9’s back looks extra smooth and silvery. M9 seems to feature two cameras. May be HTC will give M9 two back camera, one low and the other high resolution. We’ll talk about it in the camera section.

After design, let’s have a look at;

Processor and RAM

M8 arrived with 2GB RAM and Snapdragon 801 processor. Will M9 bring any improvement? Probably yes because it will reportedly sport Snapdragon 805 chipset and 3GB RAM. Even though it’s a vertical leap from M8, one question still remains. Are Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB RAM something to boast or just plain average?

3GB RAM is the latest fad, but M9 is set to release in 2015 and By then, devices with 4GB RAM might show up. Even if it doesn’t happen, 2015 will be marked by arrival of 4GB RAM phones. Galaxy S6 by Samsung, Huawei’s Honor H60 and Grand S II by ZTE will reportedly be some of them. And by the time M9’s sale will reach to its peak volume, the market will be rife with numerous phones with 4GB RAM.

As for the processor, Snapdragon 805 is not a bad choice per se but then again, M9 will release in 2015 and by then the recently unveiled 810 may become commonplace. Qualcomm has unveiled the new 810 processor and it is Ultra HD. So M9 may very well lag behind.

Screen Size and Display of HTC One M9

Both display and screen size are turning into points of purchase. Buyers of late, go for devices with stunning display. HTC One M9 will reportedly score high on the display front. The device is rumored to sport a display of 2560x1440p. It’s better than M8’s display resolution which stood at 1920x1080p. 2K display will no doubt impress dedicated HTC users but what about those, who are using devices from other Android phone manufacturers. Will they also be impressed?

May be not. Again, 2K display is impressive but by 2015, 4K display will reportedly step into the industry. This is precisely where not having 810 chipset may become risky for M9 because of many advantages of the octa-core 810 processor, one is support for 4K display.

HTC One M9 will reportedly pack a 5.5 inch screen. The screen size of M8 was 5 inch and so we see some improvement.

Camera of HTC One M9

Camera of a Smartphone is a standalone point of purchase. HTC perhaps has realized this. The 4MP camera in HTC One M8 was a letdown. Rumors however suggest M9 will feature a 16MP back camera with Optical Image Stabilization. The camera in M8 was unimpressive but it had a depth of field sensors to render individual refocus and adding several effects to the foreground and background elements of any photo, taken with the camera.

As HTC is moving to OIS, it will say adios to the back illuminated sensor technology that M8 camera features. There’s no information on the front camera. To serve today’s selfie-obsessed generation, device makers are making the front camera powerful. M8 had a 5MP front camera. M9 may arrive with a 8MP front camera.


Even if the rumors are given benefit of doubt, M9 would still beat its precursor hands down on the battery front. It will reportedly pack 3500mAh battery. The battery in M8 was 2600mAh Li-Po. We believe this rumor will turn true because if M9 indeed sports a screen that is 5.5 inch in size and 2560x1440p resolution, then it will have to have a powerful battery.

Operating System

M9 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop. The developer preview of the OS has released in October 17 and earlier this month, its source code became public. M8 was originally running Android 4.4.2 and later upgraded it to 4.4.4.

HTC One M9 Release Date

No hint came from HTC and the rumors don’t seem to suggest any date either. As far as normal speculation goes, March 2015 will be the time of release for M9. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) will take place from March 2-5 and HTC will most likely unveil M9 at the conference.

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The partnership between HTC and Beats has recently jeopardized as Beats was purchased by Apple. Rumors indicate HTC will find a new audio partner and it will reportedly be Bose.

All in all, rumors will continue until the device releases. There are still four months to go before the device lands. We’ll pay attention to all rumors and keep you posted.