Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have the Home key and bezels

With the latest news pouring in we get to hear that Samsung is going to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8. This is going to be a successful implementation from Samsung as after the entire fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, this would be a good step to be taken by Samsung. Apart from this Samsung has also confirmed that they are going to remove the home button from the handset and is going to make it all body feature which is to be seen in Apple iphone8 as well. It is also going to do away with the bezel.As interesting as it sound it seems like Samsung is planning to face a tough competition from Apple iphone 8 which is also heard of having features that are ground breaking. In order to find out more about the news do read the article till the end.


Samsung has decided to remove the home button which was apparently the longer than most. With such a decision Samsung has decided to stretch its screen completely to cover the front with no home button, no bezels. The control keys below the display will become virtual. This could be the use of the  Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which can be seen in Xiaomi and in Mi 5s and Mi Mix.The screen itself will remain a amoled display but reportedly upgraded from PenTile to a full RGB matrix. Samsung is seen to be focusing on the software improvement rather than the dual camera setup. The fcat that this has been confirmed by Samsung it is still going to face a tough competition from its rival Apple iphone 8. It has long been rumored that Apple wants to switch to OLED. Apart from Apple  Xiaomi already launched the bezel-less Mi Mix, so even though the buyers do have a basic idea about the Amoled display it would be interesting to see how Samsung performs even with the competition in the market.

Samsung is expected to reveal its next generation Smartphone to the public at the end of February 2017, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Till then all we can do is to swim in the amount of rumors and news about Samsung S8 that is pouring in with the days going by. However, with the fact that Samsung has planned to delay the launch of the Samsung S8 till the month of April which was initially on the month of March, whether this is a marketing strategy or due to the fact that Samsung is going through a phase of serious tests due to the apparent fiasco with Galaxy Note 7 is yet to be found out. With the looks of the features that Samsung is going to bestow on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 it seems that this smartphone is going to be worth the buy. This we will only be able to find out once the smartphone hits the market next year April.

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