Tips on choosing the best phone under 10K

Looking for the best phones that suit your needs? When it comes to buying a new phone, the big challenges are budget and the requirement. Well, there are a lot of quality smartphones available out there, but people want to buy a mobile at low cost say 10,000. Yes, if you are one among them, you should consider the phone, which contains all the basic features. When you go for costly smartphones, you may enjoy some advanced features. However, some of the high-quality brands offer the best phone with the blend of good features and great look & feel.  Before purchasing a phone, you need to consider some important aspects of a phone such as dimension, operating system, software, core processor and much more. If you would like to buy a best phone under 10000, we will show you some basic tips to get the phone at low cost.


Points to remember

  • Since your budget is only 10k, you must be willing to get to a smartphone but not a high-quality phone. Well, you could not get the Apple iPhone at this rate because they will be more than 50k. so, your only option is Android phones. Also, you can choose the phone, which is powered by Windows OS. For the majority of Smartphone users, phone with Microsoft OS is rare. Since Android is opensource and user-friendly, people would like to use Android smartphones.
  • On top of that, Android provides quality Smartphones under 8k, 9k and 10k. surprisingly, Microsoft also provides quality phones on this same rate but you cannot access to google play store. If you would like to play games and use more applications, try to but Android phones. You can go to play store and download your favorite games and applications.
  • Nowadays, it is rare to see an individual who uses the phone without chat apps. People often use WhatsApp and Facebook. In order to get connected to your friends, you can use social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and much more. All you need to do is go to play store and download the app of your choice.
  • Screen size is another important factor. Small phones are available less than 5 inches which may easy to handle. However, when you want to keep a phone that fits your pocket, you can go for a phone with large screen. In fact, you can easily increase the font size of your choice, so no need to consider the text size. Whenever you browse any topic, Google let you change the font size of your choice, by which you can clearly read the text. So, the phone size doesn’t a matter. What matter is that which phone you choose and what features it possesses.
  • While purchasing the phone, make sure that the phone, which would like to buy, possesses all the basic features such as sensor performance, processor performance, OS speed, RAM capacity, Battery package, Front & Rear camera, Types of battery and much more.

 Hope you place the order in the top online shopping sites. Choose the best one of your choice.