Windows 11: What We Know So Far

There are more Windows Fans than the Apple fans on the planet Earth. After all, this is the only planet where Microsoft Releases new Windows Operating System every 3 years. Microsoft fans are always trying to dig in more information about the new upcoming operating systems and the list of new features that would be embedded in the new windows. The recent Operating system which waswindows-11 released by Microsoft was Windows 10. Fans all across the world are now expecting an improved version of the Operating System. They are expecting Windows 11. I am sure you are also expecting to see the new Windows soon. Well, let’s see what we know about windows 11.

Windows 11

A lot of people were upset about the Microsoft’s new update strategy in which they forcefully upgraded the operating system of millions of the users. After all it takes time to get accustomed to the new interface.

The codename of the new project seems to be Project Redstone. It is being said that the new operating system would be fully loaded with tones of new features.

It is expected that the next generation of windows will also support HoloLens

Are you sure that the Microsoft is planning to release Windows 11?

No, we are not sure if Microsoft is really going to release the new Operating System or if it is going to update the existing operating system, Windows 10. Chance of the Windows 10 getting update under the same name is high. The reason why we are not expecting Windows 11 is Jerry Nixon.  He is the Microsoft’s developer evangelist. At Ignite Tech Conference he said

“Right now we are releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of   Windows, we are still working on Windows 10”

 Though we are not sure if he said this to avoid any information leak about the new windows or if he is serious about the statement he made.

Jerry also addressed a press conference in which he informed the public that people should not get worried about not getting the new Windows Operating System as Microsoft will keep updating the existing Windows 10 to improve user experience and provide with more features. He said that the updates will be aired at regular intervals. Microsoft reportedly wants to end the product based approach with Windows and rather it wants to now adopt a service based approach where they see windows as a service.

Steve Kleynhans, an official authority of Microsoft, also said

“There will be no Windows 11, Every three years or so Microsoft would sit down and create ‘the next great OS’, The developers would be locked away and out would pop a product based on what the world wanted three years ago.”

It was expected that Microsoft would be launching something big for its user in 2016 but the year is about to end and there is no such news about the new operating system until now. Hopefully the New Year gift will be delivered by the Microsoft really soon.